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In a very distant future, the last generation of planet earth

has come to a point where they cannot breed anymore.

When everybody had lost their faith, a child was born, but no

one could be the father, except for a god.

This child was a gift from the skies of life-divine or...

Another sky is young...

Another frozen future has passed.

Another breed, another cast.

The rivers will run, brought to life by the sun, the circle is

still unbroken.

Oh, what a sight to see.

Reborn life, destined for all eternity.

Hail the king!

For he has chosen not to drain the godsent child, a gift from

the skies of life divine.

Now we know.

A glimpse of hope grow inside, a change of tide.

Answered prayers of survival.


The offspring of the unknown gods beautifies the aura of this

dying breed.

So they succeed in their quest for continued time.


The knowledge of the everlasting, never-dying.

Cursed to be walkin in the shadows of death for a lifetime.

No more fears for what the years will bring.

Rebuild the shattered dream.

And now a brighter future has come, another end remains undone

and an era begins,

bringing life free from sins.

Oh, it's a token, the circle is broken.

(The drop of blood from her mouth slowly fell down to the


Th child inside dried her out. The king's beloved is no more.)

The chosen one felt the time had come to show the world what

had grown within.

This day of life, a sacred moment in time, when joy and pain


It takes a life to create a life.

Now she's gone.

Anger and hate.

fear and despair fills up his mind.

In search for answers he can't find.

What god would end a life so pure.

She was the one worth dying for.

Alone with princess angel-sent.

Her eyes so blue, my hate relents.

Her destiny is in my hands.

She was born to rule these desert lands.

( Vocals Mike: )

[A sacrifice.

A life arises, when one love has come, another dies.

I let her go and I do not know where to find her soul so alo-


Oh, does she hold the power, is she a blessing from the skies?

Is this the answer to where the secret lies.

And in her eyes I see a light is shining through.

I feel that there is hope for a world so brave and new.

Many seasons have changed and the king is old and weak.

The princess has come of age, but still the gift of life they


In the chambers of crimson sleep.

In this vault of souls to reap.

The future lies in the hands of the shrewd (Harmony: Andreas)

or the earth will die in solitude.

The darkest night the enchanted skies were united in a storm.

Unholiness and all that's unblessed appeared in another form.

Like a raging plague all across the land all women gave birth

to man.

Raped by the wind and forced to bring life to the hundred

bastard sons.

The unholy ones will give strength for all evil to live and

the fires of death burn high.

The time has come for the king to die. (Lead Guitar: Mike)

A whole world is mourning the loss of their king.

In sorrow a new day dawning.

Now the princess is their everything.

A procession to the chambers where they kiss their fathers


Can you hear the angel of sadness sing... with broken wings.

(Harmony: Andreas)

And with death came disorder, who were they now to obey?

No leader, no followers.

No trust, no faith.

The princess is too young to tame a land, a new king must be


In search for such a man of trust there will be contradicti-


Coming forth on desert ground, the incarnation of a king in

sleep profound.

Another self-proclaimed king, set to rule in the new empire.

On a mission to save the forsaken ones and to re-light the

dying fire.

The crowd was confused and divided in two, a battle was about

to begin.

Another man with a will as strong declared a war to win.

His army of believers was faithful, mighty and brave.

Set to capture the liar, to forever enslave.

His troops were marching on to the battlefield to set this

world on fire.

His forces are never giving yield.

[War! They fought for what would be a blood-stained crown.

Utter chaos supreme.

The sand absords the colour of dawn.

Nevermore shall they dream, nevermore.]

The years went by under a blood-red sky, the king still sup-

press the rebellian lie.

He is the one, the self-chosen son, master of the throne he

rules upon.

The sacred child awakened from her crystal sleep.

And the earth was shaking, and the people prayed for their

souls to keep.

The light of day is flowing into her virgin eyes.

Oh, the sun is stolen.

A dark formation in the skies.

Unites the powers in her eyes.

Her soul's inhaling all the living light.

Bringing on the dark, eternal night.

Gathering evil in all its might.

Seven years.




Hail, hail the queen!

Ruling supreme.

She is queen alone in the human zone, dethroned the king unpure.

The masses were assured, she fought without a sword.

She regained their hope and faith.

Draining the liar in the crimson water.

To bring him eternal pain.

His soul is slaughtered.

Eternalizing bane.

Scream in silence, noone shall hear his cries encaged.

The unroyal king, surrended to the child of life divine.

A hundred fortnights passed but still no signs of aging.

Her endless youth... amazed, the world was raging.

A shattered race in this broken land this child came to resto-

re, like an order from the gods.

The queen and all the children gathered around the chambers

where the elder ones are joined

in sleep profound.

In wrath she crush the tanks of crystal glass.

The crimson water gushed on to the ground in the unholy mace-


Their souls no longer cried.


Their gift are denied.

[She drinks the life-blood from the feebled man.

Empty bodies, soul-drained by the vrigin queen.

Finally given the pleasure to die.

She aligns the hate inside their hearts.

Her chosen knights will make sure all life departs.

Soon comes the end of all, she watched a chamber fall.

She heard her master call.]

"Live my words, oh, sacred child. You're soon to leave this

world defiled."

"Then what awaits me my lord?"

"Trust me my child, your wishes shall not be ignored"

And then he spoke his mind, now his will is hers.

"The earth shall fall. The eternal curse is cast on the sands

they walk.

Now you must use your power. Show the human race you are the


Use their trust forever and then deceive their weakened minds.

Fool them to destroy themselves in hopelessness.

Belie their seeds, belie their dreams. Hope has ceased to be."

The people worshiped their queen.

Such beauty before her time was unseen.

Their were fooled by her presence and disguise.

Faithfully they listened and swallowed all her lies.

"The times are changing, re-arranging he pattern of our lives.

So let your heart stop beating beneath this twisted sky."

They were embraced by sadness, but not afraid to die.

"So pass this sacred dagger and let yourself fly free.

So pretend you're dreaming and rise above this world of you

and me."


All those who died with you by their side were denied access

to the higer ground.


Eternal detest from the ones left unblessed, so possessed.

Their last caress was your knife in their hearts.

Fed from her deed, watching them bleed.

In her own conceit, a world to delete, lies at her feet.

Her demon inside do no longer hide.

Showing its face of hate and disgrace leaving their saviour


The ones who didn't follow.

Now sharing this moment of grief.

The end of their own existence?

In death they had no belief.

Despite all the faith in their queen they couldn't believe

what they had seen.

What was the reason for this sacrifice.

Nothing is gained from this great demise.

After the ordeal we know she has the powers to decieve us all.

But their dream of sons and daughters has made them standing


For the king had showed them it could be done when his woman

gave birth to the sacred one.

But is she of man, made of flesh and blood, or is she the

offspring of the unholy


A leader was chosen to unveil the hidden truth.

The brave ones were gathered, the strongest were sent to the


Her reason to be must be known.

After many moons the troopsreach the temple of their majesty.

Guarded by a hundred faithful knights.

There is no escape, there's no entry to her sacred halls.

Is our vision true or false?

They rtied to find the answer but they were led astray into a

maze of slumper far from the light of day.

The riddle remained unanswered.

The queen could read ones mind, make sure that noone will find

the reason for her mission here.

The highness writhe in anger, her trust had been betrayed.

The queen was filled with langour, her decision has been made.

She would unleash her hate.

Destined to devastate.

She heard her demons roar, marching into war.

The spirit of their beloved king ho spoke unto his men, he

came to bring a message

of great importance and trust.

"The gift from the gods has come to cover the world in dust.

Her forces are closing in to your sanctuary.

So use your imagination to end her reign.

Remember these words, and be strong!"

The chosen few were sacrificed for the others life.

They were the bait, they would seal the soldiers fate.

A massive grave, to break the soldiers spell.

The forces fell into the abyss, never to rise again.

Towards the queen the last of the brave ones wandered,

to terminate this creature non-divine.

The loss of troops forced her powers to release the magic

uncontrolled that had wasted a thousand soul.

The palace controlled by demons is the heart of all evil pos-

sessed by the queen and her unholy servants.

"If we destroy it, the earth will be ours and it will bring us

eternal existance.

We'll pray for the gift of breeding. This is a game we can't


it is worth all the blood we may bleed. We must close the gate

so she can't return. We'll seal her fate, watch her temple

burn and

we'll capture her soul in the chambers of crimson sleep.

And there she will suffer eternally for what she has done to


We fought our way into her dwelling-place, we searched the


of this infernal maze, to seek our enemy the one to slay.

We are the ones, we will not obey.

A disillusioned servant with great knowledge in her secrets,

we found him walking aimlessly trying to find his peace.

He said:

'Cover her eyes, they are the root of her inhuman forces.

Then she's just the child you thought she,

disconnect all her sources.'"

They found a way to blind her and it could cost some lives.

But they must seal the entry from where all evil derives.

Two of the brave ones were sent to distract her while the

others made their way

to behind her throne.

She saw her enemies for the last time

as their leader covered her eyes.

We saw the return of innocence, the symbol of purity we once


We carried her to the chambers to forever lock-up her soul.

And now the reborn earth, blessed with the gift of birth can

see her in this cage

that eternally preserves her rage.

They captured all her soldiers and forever encaged their


They had found a new leader to worship.

A king with her clear-blue eyes

Edge Of Sanity

Crimson / Edge Of Sanity

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