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Trap Them And Kill Them

(lyrics: Stevo /february 1990 / music: Stevo and Mark /april 1991)
Stench of death, the worm eaten flesh
The wicked fires burn, I'm the last survivor left
Trapped in this cage, locked up with the rats
The vermin and filth, how long can it last?
The cannibals dance and dig my grave
For me all hope is lost
An amazonian camping trip
I prepare to pay the cost
They killed my fellow travelers,
Mutilated one by one
Decapitated my lovely wife
Then raped her body just for fun!
In this wet hold I wait my time is yet to come
I wait the hours crawl by... whay am I the only one?
The hour of doom approaches near, I clutch my brain in fear
They crawl slowly to me... my god, I cannot ee!!!
Motionless, chained fast by fear


Trap Them And Kill Them / Impetigo

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