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 Impetigo Impetigoрок-группа


(Lyrics: Stevo /february 1990 / Music: Stevo and Mark /january 1991)
Wearing the disguise of the working class
I use my occupation to fulfill my desires,
When you're dead you'll be mine at last
You cold, naked body, recently expired
How can I resist
your sagging breasts?
Lain on the table, you smell of sterile death
When I put the embalming
needle into your flesh so blue
I place my throbbing penis inside of you...
My tools are ready... your
insides to dispose
I caress your slick abdominal cavity... my desire grows
I lick your icy ear and fondle your lungs and toes
I come... while my tongue is buried in your nose...


Mortuaria / Impetigo

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