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Hand Of Fate

(6:07)(Words by Hansen/Schlдchter)(Music by Schlдchter)
Now... that all seems so quiet
And we all have survived
But after all
Still we fear
The hand of fate...tonight
Men on the mountain
>From hell you came to destroy
The realm of our freedom
Endangered to fade in the void
Now they are back on the earth
Taking their wrath to our land
An ocean full of darkness awaits
We will resist, fight until the end
And down below the dark lord waits
To fight our souls with hate,
Our hearts with rage
10.000 dreams, for glory rise
Now they're awaiting
the hand of fate tonight
So we have gathered here
beyond the endless skies
And we are marching on and on
forever more
For the dark lord - he must fall
Out on the edge of the world
The wasted years are coming to an end
The oceans of evil shall fade
Master of doom - we're taking it back again
Deep in our hearts we hear

Gamma ray

Hand Of Fate / Gamma ray

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