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Lust For Life

(6:20)(Music/Lyrics: Hansen)
Comin' out of misery, back to the old
energy, takin' part in our daily show.
Think of what has been before, made a
move and slammed the door.
Future will remain in the unknown.

Face the face of the race, try to understand
Why are we here and what do we want,
The answer is easy, let's spread it around.

Loud and proud, we're gonna say it now.
Live - Life - Easy
Live - Life - Easy

Many things to think aoubt, bring me up or
bring me down
A lot of things I hardly understand.
What is good and what is fair, problems
solved, but I don't care
Sometimes it's just getting out of hand.

Face the face of the race, try to understand
I know that you know that we can be strong
If we pull together we can get along.


Let us fly away, let us praise the days
When the lust for life is stronger than the fear.
Though we shiver and shake and we

Gamma ray

Lust For Life / Gamma ray

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