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Rain of Sorrow

Ooh (Can you look at me?) Ooh Ooh Ooh

Ee-Yeah Yeah

Ee-Yeah Yeah

Look at me,

can't you see

these tears are

cried for you

If you should ever

need, I'll be

here with nothing

else to do

But to think of the creed,

that we live in the greed

all the love

so careless and free

Make the moment last

don't relive our past

just remember,

we had in and taught you

Got to hold on

got to keep it,

strong, you see always

thinkin' we can do

Got to keep the love a lot

or leave, so strong im not

it's the least that you

and I can do

Look into my eyes

see the temper rise

my love is waiting here

for you

If you reach up

on my hip I'm, sure

I'll see how we can make our

dreams come true


Rain of Sorrow /

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