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Salvation's Calling

4:35)(Music/Lyrics: Rubach)
Hello my name is Mr. Know-It-All
My sweet home is deep down in your soul
Let me introduce you to the final call
Salvation is calling for you

Life is just a fairytale
Narrated by a lunatic for man
The hope is clouded by eternal haze

Tell me what you mean?
Do you think about ambition?
Why don't you scream? - oh yeah

Don't you realize - what you criticize
Now remove yourself - away from here

Salvation's calling - salvation's calling
The walls are falling - salvation's calling now!

Hey, you think that you blown it all
Your life, you can't enjoy it to the full
When all your dreams are fading
To eternal black
You're lost in the twilight

Now, what d'you mean
What do you think about ambition?
Go out and scream, oh yeah
Realize not criticize
Remove yourself away from here
Remove yourself away from here


Follow you instinct
Never follow your illusions
Just remember from all your troubles
There is a way out
Turn around and see yourself
Beyond your horizons
There's an outcry in the void
There is a way out from here

Solo: Both / Kai / Dirk

Goodbye my friend
It's time to leave you on your own
Get going to find out your own way
Believe in what you're doing
Cos I'm in your head
You can't hesitate anymore

Gamma ray

Salvation's Calling / Gamma ray

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