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Gods Of Deliverance

(5:00)(Music: Rubach / Lyrics: Hansen)
The sun goes down in the western sky
The shadows are gonna return
I wander alone through the back of my mind
The twilight of moon starts to run

How can I see beyond existance?
I'm leaving in to the unknown
I wander around as I hear someone scream
A voice that is never my own

Oh, how can you dare to dwell
All alone in the back of your head
As we struggle for life in this emotional hell
We wait for for the gods to be there

Gods of deliverance, how can I set free...
Souls in the underworld
Calling out for me... They're in my head!

Wherever you'll roam in your dreams
You'll have to remember your name
So many are trapped - down in the abyss
They're waiting for you and they say:

How can you dare to stand alone
On this side of the wall
As we struggle for life in this emotional hell
We wait for salvation to call

Chorus / Solo: Dirk / Both / Dirk

Morning comes around again
Shoadows are leaving the night
Now there's a sense for existance
I've seen it with my own two eyes
The vision is getting clearer
Now that I've seen the unknown
The voices are yearning to live again
The gods will guiding us home

And you still dare to dwell all alone
In the back of you head
Still we struggle for life
In this emotional hell
Salvation will one day be there

Don't you be misled
By the illusions in your head
Then the gods of deliverance will say:

Gamma ray

Gods Of Deliverance / Gamma ray

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