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 Eazy-e Eazy-eрэппер и шоумен

Lickin, Suckin, Fuckin


Let me hear it


You want this baby

I want it hot and juicy

And thats the way i like it

You know thats right

You know how to kick it

I mean can i stick it

So you want me to slap it

Flip and rub it down

Alright i want you to turn

Round so i can hit it from the back ok

You like it like that baby

Who's is it, is it mine baby

Can i eat it, i mean can i lick it

Can i stick my tongue all in it

[*e and the girl going at it*]


Right there uuh



Oh eric

[-*cut off*-]

[eazy-e speaks]

As i was sayin' before about this other bitch

Thats fuckin' wit this uh uncle tom bitch just

Sayin' that he sexual harassed her so what if the

Muthafucka sexually harassed her give a nigga some pussy

Know what i'm sayin' you know ain't nuttin' wrong wit it

You know we did broke him off a little somethin' you know

But bitch probably lyin' you know what i mean


Lickin, Suckin, Fuckin / Eazy-e

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