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 Gamma ray Gamma rayрок группа


(5:13)(Music: Hansen, Schlachter, Scheepers)(Lyrics: Hansen, Scheepers)
My life, not yours
Is that alright no fight
I don't wanna quit it
No way, is that okay
No don't you dare, don't you dare
to touch it with your fingers
You sneak around, pull me down
Gimme no, gimme no, gimme no more bullshit
I know there's something goin' on
You better leave my life alone
You gotta take it a matter of fact. Now step aside

We are brothers in rock we won't let go
We got our music and we got our soul
And with the sisters of rock we can change the world
If we try

Cool down, now move around
Someday, maybe you will understand it
My way, okay feels so good, feels so good, feels so good
To be with all my good friends
Don't you realize you talk too much
I got an easy way of life, don't touch
You gotta face it as a matter of fact no step aside.

Chorus (x2)

In the concrete jungle we play rock'n'roll
To set us free, to lose control
In the concrete jungle we can break the walls
That hold us down and keep us small.

Gamma ray

Brothers / Gamma ray

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