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The Spirit

(4:20)(Music: Hansen, Wessel / Lyrics: Hansen, Scheepers)
We follow our own instincts, we're livin' in between,
The struggle of the races continues on the scene.
A million miles above us the spirit is unseen,
Beyond our small horizon it's got a perfect dream.

Bridge/ Chorus:
We travel through the ages, we follow our dreams
But the spirit of a free world is the final dream.

The sun, the wind, and water are all we really need,
We waste our time on fighting to satisfy our greed.

We travel through the ages, the world remains obscene
But the spirit of a free world is the final dream (x2)

We're about to lose control now, the prophecy is clear,
Does it help to sigh and hope with sentimental fear?
S.O.S. no more lifeboats here.

If I could ask the maker about the master plan
Could he give an answer, would I understand?

Bridge/ Chorus:
Our ignorance will drive us on, the world remains obscene

Gamma ray

The Spirit / Gamma ray

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