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The Last To Know

Let me be the first to say, ain't it always so

But there's no other way to find out what I need to know

It's not that I don't think you care, it's what you haven't said

That keeps me guessing day and night, putting visions in my head


Don't let me be the last - if you thought of leaving would you tell me

Don't let me be the last - if the truth would hurt me would you lie to me

(What would you say)

Don't you keep it to yourself for my protection, break it to me now

Don't let me be the last - if there's anything you want to tell me

Don't let me be the last - like you're never gonna let me go

Honey, all I ask, don't let me be the last to know

You know how a friend will talk, a secret's hard to keep

And this girl he says you're in love with, sounds a lot like me

Still it's not for me to say if what I heard is true

And I won't let myself believe a word, till I hear it from you

chorus repeats out


Шина Истон

The Last To Know / Шина Истон

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