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Sugar Walls

Where I came from there's a place called heaven

That's the place where all the good children go

The houses are of silver, the streets are gold

But there's more where you come from, my sugar walls

Blood races to your private spots, that lets me know there's a fire

You can't fight passion when passion is hot

Temperatures rise inside my sugar walls


Lemme take you somewhere you've never been

I could show you things you've never seen

I could make you never wanna fall in love again

Come spend the night inside my sugar walls

Take advantage, it's alright

I feel so alive when I'm with you

Come and feel my presence, it's reigning tonight

Heaven on earth inside my sugar walls


I can tell you want me, it's impossible to hide

Your body's on fire, admit it! Come inside

Come inside my sugar walls

Come spend the night inside my sugar walls


Шина Истон

Sugar Walls / Шина Истон

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