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Шина Истон Шина ИстонАнглийская певица


He said, "Baby, what's wrong with you? Why don't you use your imagination

Nations go to war over women like you, it's just a form of appreciation

Come on over here, lay your clothes on the chair

Now let the lace fall across your shoulder

Standing in the half light, you're almost like her

So take it slow like your daddy told you"


Strut pout, put it out, that's what you want from women

Come on baby, what'cha taking me for

Strut pout, cut it out, all taking and no giving

Watch me baby while I walk out the door

I said, "Honey, I don't like this game, you make me feel like a girl for hire

All this fascination with leather and lace is just the smoke from another fire"

He said, "Honey, don't stop a speeding train before it reaches its destination

Lie down here beside me, oh, have some fun too

Don't turn away from your true vocation"


I won't be your baby doll, be your baby doll

I won't be your baby doll, be your baby doll

(Instrumental break)

chorus repeats out


Шина Истон

Strut / Шина Истон

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