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Шина Истон Шина ИстонАнглийская певица

Madness, Money And Music

You're not the best, but you're getting there

Don't think you've already made it

There's always time for compromise, hah, that really brings you down to size

You think you're doing alright, away from home every night

You've done it all, trying to succeed

Because it's all, all you've ever needed


Madness, money and music, inside outside, screaming won't you let it be

Madness, money and music, heaven's door or the gates of hell for me

Like heaven or hell I know where I'd rather be

You give them all you've got to give, you've got your own life to live

Just some time to rest a while, just enough to do it in style

And when there's nothing left at all, you realise the problems were small

You try again with one night stands

But it's too late, you've let it slip from your hands



Шина Истон

Madness, Money And Music / Шина Истон

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