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Шина Истон Шина ИстонАнглийская певица


Waiting for the peace of the night to be shattered

I do believe my illusions are in tatters

When I see the pale moonlight in the sky

I know it's gonna come, like a hurricane hittin'

I breathe a sight 'coz it's only the beginning

When I see reflection deep in his eyes, I know, he's got the power to hit it!


I don't believe what he said to me, I'm feeling like a piece of machinery

Gotta get in closer 'coz I can't see

When you're telling me the truth, I refuse to believe

Running on the ground with my innocence fading

I do believe there is something I am gaining

When I get that red hot fever inside

I wanna give it hell, and behave just like a gonner

I wanna stay and reduce the things I wanna

When I see the pale moonlight in the sky, I know

He's got the power to hit it!


(Instrumental break)

chorus repeats out


Шина Истон

Machinery / Шина Истон

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