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Шина Истон Шина ИстонАнглийская певица

Double Standard

Caught you with her, I let it slide

Egg on my face, swallowed my pride

But it's happened again, oh, it's too many times

It seems the code you live by just isn't mine, just isn't mine

You got


Double, double standards, you got a different point of view

You got double, double standards

The rules that you applied to me, you don't apply to you

Double, double standards, we got different states of mind

You got double, double standards

If you can do it, I can do it, there's no dividing line

Don't worry about me, I'll be alright

Go have your fun, stay out all night

But I won't be waiting, I've got someone new to meet

He treats me fifty-fifty, it's a two way street, you're a one way street

With your


(Instrumental break)

chorus repeats out


Шина Истон

Double Standard / Шина Истон

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