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Шина Истон Шина ИстонАнглийская певица

All By Myself

Starlight shining on the boats in the harbour

One night maybe I'll be sailing away

How could you leave me now, without saying a word, to carry on

All by myself, all by myself

Love flows in and out my life like a river

And I know maybe I won't make it this time

But if you were with me now, I would surely be falling apart, so I'll carry on

All by myself, all by myself

Every night I close the light and lose myself in you

I wonder why the good things die, leaving all the dreams to see me through

I can't hold on, I can't hold on to you

I'm all by myself, I'm all by myself

All by myself, all by myself (repeats out)


Шина Истон

All By Myself / Шина Истон

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