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Turn the lights low

And put some music on

Let our bodies sing

Swing 2 the soft song

I feel ya heat

It's turning me on

I wanna feel ya all night long so

Come close, as close as U can

I surrender you're so tender and tanned

I wanna toss, I wanna tumble

Feel and fumble, I wanna do it

Till my belly rumbles

So lay back and

Close your eyes and

While I fiddle U can fantasize


While I fiddle U can fantasize

*Deep baby deep deep down

Like sleep sugar, so rest upon my chest

What ya body wants

I got dis

Whatcha need indeed

I'm gonna rock this

I dream U scream and tighten ya hold

I tiggle in the middle as we giggle

In I go, oh, deep and down deeper

Like an ocean

As I push I blow ya emotions

You explode, like dynamite

U got the fuse but to ya fuse I got the light

Together we swing

Shh!, I hear our souls sing

A symphony, a lovers harmony


Can U hear the harmony?

Repeat *

I'm gonna kiss ya from ya head 2 ya toes and then

I'm gonna lick ya where you'd love me to go, yeah!

Oil ya skin within hold ya tight

Yeah, I butter the toast

If U lick the knife

And take a shower

Maybe bubble the bath

I'll wash yours, U wash mine

Yeah, we'll have a good laugh

I'll be the sponge, the sponge

The sponge that wets U down

Then I'll be the towel upon

Your naked body, wrapped around

And then as our game comes 2 an end

We'll start again

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Repeat *

Repeat *

East 17

Deep / East 17

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