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In the sky, shines a star, spaces,

Near and far, calling out, who you are

And smiling in the night.

Star light, star bright beam across the

Sky -- falling, calling can you tell me why --

Star light, star bright mighty light to see.

Shining, smiling down on you and me --

Star hides from the rain, it turns

Against the pain, fooling many in the game

While smiling in the night --

I can feel the dark, take the night,

Apart, but then, the stars come out

And lift my heart --

Believing, theres a star, for everyone

Makes it easier, to recall, that together

For the children of the world -- Theres

A star smiling for us all

Star, shining high, cultivating my desire

Graceful in the sky

And smiling in the night

Chorus out

Star /

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