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Julie Laughs No More

Julie`s on the run so far away from home
Mesmerized by promises and gold
Took the wrong left, turn, it`s just a one way street
Now she`s all alone, out in the cold

Yes it`s true we`ve heard it all before
But little Julie laughs no more

...Laughs no more

Julie`s now on her way to grandma`s house
A tiny little cottage in the woods
Hunting wolves are chasing this delicious mouse
Where she went we never understood

Nothing really matters anymore
No Julie longer knocks on the door
A fallen princess bends her head in shame
In the end there`s no one else to blame

And she`s falling
Falling without reach
Julie`s falling,
A little girl lost in her dreams
Afraid to go, afraid to live
Into the emptiness what there`s to believe


Julie`s on the bean stalk way up in the clouds
Can`t stop climbing, refuses to look down
The giant in his castle, laughs gives wondrous wows


Julie Laughs No More / Candlemass

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