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Wanna Be The Man


Yo! bust this!

I got a plan to take you by the hand

and whisper in your ear that

I wanna be your man

so understand the bottom line plan

I do do do do wanna be your man

You've been on a mission baby

to find the man in your life

you heart-it's been illin' baby

to find someone to treat you right

The question now is me

will it hurt ya to believe

the love you see in my eyes

tho distant you choose to be

my sincerity

will bring you around in time


wanna be wanna be wanna be wanna be

wanna be I wanna be the man in your life!!!


Right now I need your attention

and be the man when you talk

that you mention

your old lover he don't need no extension

'cause he's out and I'm whatcha missin'

I've got a vision baby

I can see a change coming in sight

my heart! open to you baby

I feel our love coming to light

Alone you do all right

my love will take you high

higher higher, higher higher

I'll be there by your side

on clouds we will ride

through the raining storm


I need a minute and I'll be in it

you've got the love and you know I wanna win it

stop looking 'cause you've been found

and your love is cold sweeter

than a chocolate mound

so give it to me and understand

that I'm the one who wanna be your man

I gotta plan to take you by the hand

'cause I wanna, wanna, wanna, wanna, be your man

bust it!

yo! let's dance yeah

funky music and this is def

the kickin' sound of EWF

and they do it like nobody else

hyped up like myself yeah!



hold on baby, wait a minute

so give it to me and come my way

and be my lover for the rest of my days

give it to me and come on through

'cause I wanna, wanna, wanna, wanna be with you


Wanna Be The Man /

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