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System Of Survival

The Human Race is runnin' over me

I punch a clock at 9 and 5

Just tryin' to make a livin'

A plastic face on satellite TV

Says, "Life is filled with give and take"

He's takin' and I'm givin

So I dance


It's my system of survival (SOS)

I'm dancin'

System of survival (SOS)

It's a system of survival

Future revival

Greet the new arrival


At times it's the only way

I'm gonna make it through this day


Everybody get up

Do your dance

Keep survivin'

Everybody get up

Do your dance

Stay alive

A city night

I walk a street in fear

While politicians brag about

A paperwork solution

Another life

I shed another tear

I'm waiting for somebody new

To lead the revolution

So I dance


It's my system of survival...

(Repeat Hook and Chorus)

(SOS) Send it out

Send it out, send it out, send it out

System Of Survival /

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