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Help Somebody

No man should have face to face

His problems alone, alone, alone

Reach out and help the weak man

Make him strong, strong, strong

Now I want to help somebody

I'd like to help you, you, you

Now don't that make you want to

Help somebody too, too, too

*The love you give

Might help somebody live

So give yourself

Go out and help somebody else

Your helping hand

Will make you a better man

Do wah, do way, let love prevail

Reach out and help somebody

Reach out and help somebody

If we all stand together

We'll all stand tall, tall, tall

We wouldn't let each other

Tumble and fall, fall, fall

Now let's reach down together

And lift somebody up, up, up

Give a little love and kindness

It won't take much, much, much


Reach out your hand and help somebody today

(Repeat to end

Help Somebody /

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