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Anything You Want

You were so right all along

I wouldn't believe till love had gone

replacing the old with the new

and now that I want to see it through

You tell me you care

but he's still inside your heart

and it's tearing me apart

that I'm anything you want


I'll be there to listen to everything you cry

all you need

ever to believe in you without a reason why

for your love

I'll be near to be with you to wipe the tear away

though it's hard for me

I'm anything you want

(I'll be anything...)

Baby, it was so wrong and we both knew

and yet it was all that I could do

you were living a life you could not feel

thinking he was the way to make it real

Can't let him go

I'm still a part of you

I'll do what I must do

anything you want



Every time you talk about hum

you'll never know how it hurts my heart

but, I'll be there for you baby

He's still inside your heart

it's tearing me apart

anything you want

I'll be there...


Anything You Want /

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