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Inherit The Wasteland

Destroyed in the hands of the deranged.

Mankind's will has been imposed upon the earth as though we

were alone and if our actions had no consequences.

Man crushes all that bars the way on this path to annihilation.

Taking for themselves while the other inhabitant's

lives are given no consideration.

Inherit the wasteland! Spilled oil contaminates the sea.

Inherit the wasteland! Poisons fill the atmosphere.

Inherit the wasteland! Toxins infect the ground. Inherit the

wasteland! Deforestation scars the earth.

The rainforests burn. Countless animals die.

We must regain control or there will

be nothing left to save. The harmony of nature,

twisted into dischordance. Left to die in the aftermath of their destructive

sightlessness. Time is running, time is running,

time is running ... Time is running out.

Inherit The Wasteland /

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