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 Candlemass CandlemassШведская рок-группа

The Well Of Souls

I bind unto myself
today the strong name of the trinity

Crypt of despair
the old man is there
forming a circle of magic and prayers

Guarding the well
the black hole to hell
its evil must never arise I can tell
Holy mission
forever he's sworn
to protect our world from hatred and scorn
He will not fear
though the Sabbath is near
twelve strokes for Candlemass darkness descends

"Break the circle and all hell comes loose
the well of souls must stay sealed
Ancient force of light against the dark
the well of souls must stay sealed"
Black wind turns out the candles
the air grows cold and threatening
Dark shadows wicked laughter
brings darkness to your heart
Behold the goat of Mendes
red burning evil eyes
Lord's prayer holy water
only faith can save you now

Disharmony, satanic serenade
Black symphony, a tribute to the plague
The twisted souls awakened by the chanting
Unchained at last, rise, they will now rise

A new day's dawn, holy light
Sunlight redeems


The Well Of Souls / Candlemass

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