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The Thirteen Cryptical Prophecies Of Mu

Zurra: The Callisto shard denied me!
I have been cast across the myriad intersecting tendrils
of the great web of space and time...
And now, I gaze once more upon the orb azure!
I have given proud Atlantis to the sea,
shattered ancient Lemuria beneath my fist,
and razed the arrogant spires of Ys to gleaming rubble...
Now, a crystalline fragment of the Lexicon
awaits me here in this primitive land... this realm of Mu.

The High Priest of Mu: He is here! The one spoken of in prophecy!
The death of all there is!
The Children of the Telluric Nexus shall safeguard
the shard of illumination.

Zurra: This is the end of your world!
I shall remake all creation in my image!

The Chief Cultist of Zurra: You have come, master.
We, your loyal servitors have waited a thousand years
for you to bless us with your divinity!
What is thy bidding, o' mighty and omniscient Zurra?

Zurra: You dare address me?
I was ancient when your ancestors
were naught but protoplasmic slime!

The Chief Cultist of Zurra: In the sweltering swathe of Zurra's sword!
Kill, kill, kill! 'Fore the matchless might
of Zurra's wrath! Die!

The High Priest of Mu: The storm comes.
On the katabatic winds rides ravening doom.
Yasa-mega... Yasa-giga... Yasa-tera!
May Klatrymadon preserve us!

The Keeper of The Thirteen Cryptical Prophecies Of Mu:
And be it known to the Children of the Telluric Nexus,
that the day of the Great Purification is at hand...
as it was written long ago, in the Thirteen Cryptical Prophecies.
Become one with the shard, progeny of the Nexus...
embrace its power... embrace the glory of immolation!

Zurra: Mankind, how ignorant thou art.
Yes, death glides silently on gossamer soft wings,
but her touch is harsh!

The Prime Voyager: Your folly ends here, Zurra!
The Empyreal Lexicon has been made whole...
and its power is lost to you forever!
The foe has been cast back into the Outer Darkness,
but your treachery must not go unpunished!
Submit to our judgement or face eternity in the limbo of Z'xulth!

Zurra: I would sooner suffer damnation a thousand times
than bend the knee to you! You and your sublimely arrogant ilk,
who strode the primordial surface of Pangaea
and watched with disdain as life evolved in the boiling oceans...
You have won nothing! My power is born of Chaos...
it sustains me and courses blackly through my ersatz veins!
Now face the true potency of the power you seek to destroy,
and behold in awe the true nature of the universe!

The High Priest of Mu: Ascent to ecliptic! Mu and Poseidonis!

The Chief Cultist of Zurra: The Emperor commands... Uroboros to rise!

The High Priest of Mu: Ascent to ecliptic! Mu and Poseidonis!


The Thirteen Cryptical Prophecies Of Mu / Bal-Sagoth

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