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 E-40 E-40рэп-группа

Pimps, Hustlas


Yeah, pimps up hoes down, yeah

Hustlas, playas, gangstas, gangstas, yeah

Fa shiggedel, shiggedy, uh, click shit down

What is it, check this out


Raised in the heart of the ghetto, dipping and dodging the metro

Pitching the ? and coke that's what I use to pedal

Heavy metal, a j-jack of all trays

Then you pimp, that's a hustler in many ways

Acting bad in the traffic, the hustler with the package

Serving that cha-cha, that yell, they all tragic magic

Plastic baggage, jelly jars in microwaves

Got to have it, backwoods and purple hayes

Mess around in my side of town, get clowned down

John, Jane Doe, lost and found

Everybody know this young player's about his business

Riches, chickens I pimp, but lickeness

My L.I.P.I folks be digging this

Devon, Pimpy Gear, Max Queezthis

Gorilla, Scarp Down, no conscience

In this occupation you can't be generous

Me and my fellas be bossing, dipping the pander and flossing

No matter how much it's costing we do this often cause we

(Chorus - 8x)

We just some pimps, playas

Hustlas, gangstas



Pimps, Hustlas / E-40

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