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 E-40 E-40рэп-группа

My Cup

(Chorus - 2x)

I got my cup, I got my plastic cup

I got my cup, I got my plastic cup

I got my cup, I got my plastic cup

You got your cup (I got my cup)


One of these playas is doing they own thang

And some of these playas is kinda the same

One of these playas is unlike the others

Now it's time to spit my game

I'm leaning, I got that purple colors brightness

Ms. Buttersworth up in my white cup, white cup

Codeine'ing, dropping that Swishahouse groove music

And I'm fucked up, and I'm fucked up

A playa's sweating, shoot dice up under the staircase

Talking hell-a-loud grabbing his balls and side betting like a veteran

All my weeples just come hard, reach into my pockets

Pulled out a wad of money and I threw my dogs up on it

It's expected, cause way back when I couldn't afford

When a playa like me was leaking, had my back like a ? board

Now that I'm eating, the game done blessed me mayn

Everyday is my birthday, I'm about that ice cream and cake

Looking for a batch with no pan and

I'm a guerilla meals must like Brandy

Like the R


My Cup / E-40

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