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Its All Bad

(E-40 and son talking)


Why was I born in these trifling ass times?

Why is it mandatory that I carry knives?

Don't be to civil cuz even white folks get jacked to

Doctors, high class lawyers and even Japs too

You ask me why I speak the real the way I feel

How come we call bitches hoes and you call us nigeros?

They want to do me like they did Stacks

What is this young black man doing with all that scratch? huh

I see some timahs on the yayo track readin they mail

Talking bout "I got white girl for sale"

But they ain't talking to me cuz I'm an oldie and they knows that

I used to be just like them I tell them "y'all get that scratch"

Magazine was never nothing like Bel Air

High speed shot outs and shit but I loved it there

40 where you've been playa, it's been a while?

Marinatin' accumulating paper pal

Y'all kind of doin it huh, you still grindin?

Hell yeah, you know them tapes you keep rewinding

Money ain't changed me, money changed the way people think about me

When I was broke all I had was my family

You know what kills me doe them fuckin' numskulls

I hate when blacks be clowin blacks on all these talk shows

It's bad enough we shootin up each other tradgically

Two days ago they found some brother smothered badly

Nobody's to be trusted in this day and age

To much jealousy and envy on the wrong page

And fuck the po po because that 39% tax I pay

Don't get me nathan but a choke hold and some pepper spray


Our father who art in heaven

How it be thy name thy kingdom come

That's the prayer that I say so spread the word

And if you feeling down and out read proverbs

You know that I've been tweakin off something strange

Startin to see a lot


Its All Bad / E-40

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