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Hide n Seek


I'm in some deep shit, I got some niggas from another click

On that ass trying to run me off a fuckin cliff

What should I do? Where should go?

How could I fake 'em?

Bust a bitch on that ass and try and shake em and bake em

Full speed ahead, I know they want my ass dead

Still on my bumper, makes a motherfucker wonder

All the dirt that I did, should just let them get me

Maybe its because I killed Rodney and his whole family

Revenge, I see my life flashing, niggas blasting

Brothas passing, trying to make me stay crashing

Into the rocks beside me, fucking up the traffic

17th in a Malibu Chevy classic

But I'm nothing humble, just call me Yapeez Pasano

Full tank of petro, mobbin through the fucking tunnel

Shit it's bright, I think I see some daylight

Over the night, you should have seen a brothas sides right

Fit the corners on two shoes, I'm holly G

Wrapping my shit around a fifty foot oak tree

Got out the car, seeing stars, I wasn't lagging

Ran out and hid behind a beat up station wagon


You've never seen a bitch nigga run so fast


Bouncing, sneaking, and peaking, hitting bushes and shit

Never saw, like you did in that movie clip

Steady busting, these motherfuckers ain't bluffing

I'm hauling ass and renting bullets, constantly cussing

Scared as fuck, I wasn't trying to act hard

Thumbs up, and ran in a back yard

Just as I was hoping the sliding door was wide open

Out of breath, I locked the door and started talking

I need some help, I gotta bounce, someone's after me

Please don't panic, I need your help drasticly

I'm not a G, a killer, or a rapist

I'm just a ordinary black man trying to make this

Busting my bubble, the couple didn't


Hide n Seek / E-40

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