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To Whom This May Concern

Shit, if the shoe fit, wear it, fuck it


Chorus: e-40 (repeat 2x)

To whom this may concern

All you rappers with all that fetti to burn

The industry is finicky so let me make this clear

They'll have a new nigga next year!!

[verse one]

I know you're shinin like a light

I know your record sales is politics and hype

I know you're boohoo'n

Cause none of your royalty statements never had a check attached to 'em

Famous but unrecouped; circumstances predicated on

Large-ass video budgets, and takin out advancements

Uhh, march and september, that's quite a ways 40 - 40?

Oh he get paid every thirty days shorty!

Uhh, i ain't no lame

I'm different from y'all, i come from the game

(from the game) i ain't gotta explain

I been hella raw, i been spittin game

I seen you on the billboard

I saw you when you got that mtv award

Uh, number one on soundscan

Congratulations playa; dude can i shake yo' hand?

Oh you don't wanna shake my hand, now you too good now?

Oh it's like that you 'sidin on yo' folks now?

Enjoy it while you're here..

.. they'll have a new nigga next year!!


[verse two]

Uhh, air-play, program directors from the bay

Don't support they rappers in the yea (in the yea)

They figure we ain'ts real hip-hop (hip hop)

They lookin for some mainstream flip-flop (flip)

But i ain't finsta sit down (sit down)

Sit down and wait for this shit to come back around

Shit i just like to perk (whatchu like to do?)

I like to get out there and network

Charlie hustle fall off? i doubt it

Shit, when niggaz stop talkin about me

That's when i'm gon' worry about it

And if they do i'ma take the independent road

A hundred thousand units on the underground;

Playboy, that's ghetto gold!

Never breakin a sweat (a, a sweat)

Slangin albums from the internet (from the internet)

Ain't nuttin but respect here..

.. they'll have a new nigga next year!!


[verse three]

My loyal fans wanna know why it's so noticeable

And how come none of e-40 lyrics

Ain't never been in the source 'hip-hop quotable'?

To tell the truth it's kinda irkin me, cause i don't know

I ain't rappin too fast, see y'all just listenin too slow

You can ask +zomba+ i'm about a thousand songs deep

Spittin ghetto anthems that i done had

I shoulda been ran out of heat (ran out of heat)

I had to prove myself first

I didn't get my deal based on a sixteen measure verse

Uhh, damn right and ever since dude 'pac passed away

The west coast ain't been eatin right

If he was alive i'd ask him for his opinionation

And if he was me what would he do in this sort of situation

Would he take off on these journalists, tell me what you think

For assassinatin motherfuckers characters with all that bad ink?

How they gonna have me top 50, #43?

I'm a hog, shit; that's why i don't fuck with blaze

I fuck with murder dog

Chorus 2x



See what i'm sayin? this shit is finicky

It's a fool out there, ya dum dums!

Smell this nigga?

Charlie hustle, millenium ballers nigga (beatch)

Thought you thoughtamajig (hoe!!!)


To Whom This May Concern / E-40

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