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Rules & Regulations


My killers don't take out dopefiends, my killers take out factors

My killers ain't even from out here dude

My killers some out-of-town freelancers

Professional hitsmen vanilla(?) hoppers up under they belt

Broccolis(?) up under they belt

A gang of silent murder beefs up under they belt

"forty, there go that nigga

That sold you that half-a-cake last week on the set"

You mean that (??) for that synthetic dope

That ripped me, that shit that was wet kid?

Don't even look over there, act like we ain't trippin

Within the next few days, potnah came up missin

See a lot of these niggaz bitch up

And crack under pressure when it's time to face it

Get to bumpin they gums, rollin over

Breakin the rules and regulations

Wild nigga not stickin to the script

And get the jacket put on yo' ass for life

What jacket? batch, this jacket:

That reliable source, that rat, the head of mice

That's why we can't be talkin and bein all careless on these phones

I know technology now

Allows po'-po' to look inside walls and see inside homes

I know all i was tryin to do

Is buy my little daughter a brand new pair of jordans

That's important, but you gotta remember

The state one step ahead of the law-enforcement

Be short with all of yo' shit

Keep yo' business to yourself and don't get sloppy

Talkin pig-latin keep you employed

Sizzoldiers with choppers and walkie-tizznalkies

Call on yo' ass, have wisdom, use your brain

Auction off yo' assets nigga, sell yo' trophies, sell yo' mustang

You know what that bring? ching ching

Playa potnah motherfucker dude that's some mail

Convertible top, black on black interior exterior

He gon' be worth about twelve

Talkin about you was savin it for your little nephew to scatter

Nigga don't you know anything over 20 years old is a classic?

Regulation #1: keep yo' business to yo' lonesome

Regulation #2: make sure the product you carry is wholesome

Regulation #3: make yo' cheese, never eat it

Regulation #4: never put yo' trust in a hoe

(the rules and regulations)

Chorus: e-40 (repeat 4x)

These are the things you need to know (the rules and regulations)


Uhh, you're 'posed to, you're 'posed to

Play that damn game like it's supposed to be plinayed

Always keep a bucket full of battery acid

To throw yo' dope in just in case they raid

That way they can't prosecute your residence

Cause you done been already got rid of all the evidence

Tryin to get a buck -- a buck?

A soup pot, a blender and a measurin cup

In my section eight appartment complex

Mizzi-matrics, and dirty convicts

"nephew, did you get my message?"

Yeah i got yo' message; you told me to clean up behind myself

And scrape the residue up off the edges

"what else?" always look over my headrest and my rearview zone

Cause triflin be skanless and the skanless might try to follow me home

Never tell a motherfucker what time you gon' cop or come back fo'

Throw they ass off a bit - come back within the next day or two

I don't need no cowards, just warriors on my tank(?)

I don't sell coke no more dude, i sell mescaline

Regulation #5: when it's a drop nigga park yo' feet

Regulation #6: fuck 12 and a box (?) (?) street

Regulation #7: don't take yo' business to where you livin

Regulation #8: keep yo' heat but fly straight

(the rules and regulations)



Blaow, pushin numbers on the dial-tone

Took a swig of my 40 but i forgot i had the cap still on

Look to my left and ask, honey for a light

She looked at me and said, baby you alright?

I said i'm cool, but ain't this shit supposed to relax us?

Fired up a newport, but i accidentally lit it backwards

For some strange reason i had a feelin

That that hood-hoe bitch was sneaky

Come to find out this bitch done laced my weed and slipped me a mickey

Now i'm feelin sweaty..

Eyelids gettin heavy..

Stomach feelin queasy.. {*yawwwwn*}

All of a sudden, now i'm slee-py

Woke up naked, slowly regainin my memory

Well where did they find you? around the corner from applebee

Over there by costco, right there off the freeway

Admiral callaghan(?) (??) yeah, right next door to safeway

Stripped me clean, got me for some g's

Set me up, stole my car keys

Guess that's the consequences when you sellin that d

Shit, next time i bet i take my drink to the bathroom with me

Regulation #9: check in those that get out of line

Regulation #10: don't sell yo' soul if you hit the pen

Regulation #11: keep yo' hooptie hot and revvin

Regulation #12: keep enough to pay your lawyer mail

(the rules and regulations)



Rules & Regulations / E-40

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