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To Da Beat

Ooohhh... (To da beat!)

Oooh ooh! (To da beat!)

Wake dey ass up check it

BEAOTCH! Ooh! (To da beat!)

[every two lines end with 'To da beat!']

She hit me on my locker I was off that truck

mechanic orange juice and Absolut vodka

Smokin on a beadie chasin it with a fat Strike in my

fresh off the showroom flexin 32 valve Northstar Caddy

Gettin it cricket slangin em sideways walkin up the streets

Residuals, re-enactments, constantly repeatedly burnin Vogues

Flamboastin, high-sidin, turnin heads, REWINDIN!

Ain't had the car but two weeks and already need a wheel alignment!

See us Bay negroes is nigger-ain't-give-a-fuck

Flip a spankin new vehicle, tear it up

We play mind games with tizzy airhead ass hoes, make em

buy us things like diamond ear-rhings and clothes, a, uhh

P, I-M-P, come V-I inch up bitch and pay me

Hoe, ahh pay me n-uh-no attention

These are the things that you need to know

But just remember Charlie Hustle always told you so, it's to da beat



And it don't stop, a TO DA BEAT y'all

And it won't quit, a TO DA BEAT y'all

And it don't stop, a TO DA BEAT y'all

And it won't quit, cranks out DA BEAT y'all

Voice boisterous, make the shit throb, a TO DA BEAT y'all

Deep voice boisterous, make the shit throb, right TO DA BEAT y'all

Deep voice boisterous, make the shit throb, a TO DA BEAT y'all

Now do it up and say whassup off-i-sah-ha (To da beat!)


Ah-cho-ah-chokin on some burner, in my little deuce, white interior

Smoke grey exterior, convertible ragtop Hummer (To da beat!)

Little homey ain't but sixteen years and a millionaire

Sittin on somethin clever talkin about, "40 Water can you help me out?

Can you give me some kind of advice,

cause I ain't tryin to be up in this bitch forever?" (To da beat!)

Told all my motherfuckers to try to wash they monies

and make some kind of good out of bad, buy you a couple of


Shit it ain't gotta be no brand new Caddy (To da beat!)

Use da dope game as a stepping stone, let your little sister run it

Turn one of the fixer-uppers into a care home, I'da done it (To be


Where I'm from, Vallejo California born and raised in crew

We got the highest paid police force, look what they do (To da beat!)

Too busy tryin to scrutinize and slander me

As much as I done did for the community (To da beat!)

Do me a favor why don't you go out of state and go visit

some of your family members down South and mention Vallejo

And I bet the first thing that come up out their mouth

is Earl Stevens and Denell, bump this shit til your tape break

and youse a bitch if you didn't buy my last tape, BEOTTCH!!!!

To da beat y'all



S-ah-sinister shit, for you to ride to, you got your clip?

Uh-huh, a-ight, then let me guide you (To da beat!) into my world

Straight up, this ain't no circus, playboys and girls

Listen up, we's bout to get on turbans (To da beat!) boom boom!

Woofers in the back BOOM BOOM! niggaz and bitches talkin bout

"Did you hear that nigga 40 Water new shit?

That nigga got the SLACK!" (To da beat!)

You can pat that nigga down with a metal detector

and still not have nuttin

Fools be slidin up in parties on crutches

Slippin, with an ear injuration (To da beat!)

Fuck a Cuban cigar, give me a Black N Mild

Then watch me tear up a brand new hundred dollar bill

and throw it in the crowd (To da beat!)

I don't need no iron, I'm already crisp -- whatchu got whatchu got

whatchu got -- I don't need no money, I got mouthpiece (To da beat!)

Closed mouthtank get fed, dude what you talkin here, what

all of a sudden you got amnesia nigga

I know you didn't forget who buttered your bread (To da beat!)

Old money but new game playboy and it ain't recycled

I ain't to be toyed with, so don't call me Tyko


To Da Beat /

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