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Sea Serpent

Liquid God takes my soul away
Flying high through a bloodshot sky
I fall back down to my water grave
Walking Dead when you leave me dry

Sea serpents surround me
Aqua demons - drowning me

Save my soul from this grave
Liquid God-you have made

Inside your church I worship everyday
unholy water quenches the thirst
There is no future I've drank it all away
Before your altar I accept the curse

Sea serpents surround me
Aqua Demons - drowning me

I swim your seas, limbless, in vain
As senses sink into your domain
Taste his golden blood again
Raise the chalice to the Sea Gods name

As life sips by faith in you numbs the pain
You control this body and mind
Well I've drowned my soul in your poisoned reign
Liquid master - I'm forever your slave


Sea Serpent / Cathedral

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