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Stress Builds Character

lifes been swell now i want to die

my body it hurts me sigh after sign

i call it torture you call it life

a slave to money and everything i despise

like everyone in general

fuck eat sleep destroyi am a disposable being

who will fuck all life

i multiply and the air gets thinner and dirty

i take up space

i smell

i consume

but i produce nothing

i abuse

i have no reason to exist

the toilets clogged in this world o shit

i breathe filth everyday

living fucks up my brian

why? why must i wake up today

my eys are heavy

why? why must i see your face

your life is ugly

why? why did i buy into these things

i dont want them

tension. tension

frustraton. alone

tension. despair. tension

all these pressures on my life

Stress Builds Character /

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