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Captain Clegg

A funeral moves. Under the cloak of night
Captain Clegg and his smuggling pirates ride
With contraband of the finest Brandy and Wine
Hidden inside a macabre coffin disguise
A tombstone reads "Captain Clegg, R.I.P."
Yet still he sails across the Phantom Seas
Such a holy man for all of you to see
The Village Vicar: - His secret Identity

Frightened people, fear the evil
in their leader - Captain Clegg
The Kings Revenue Men - learn of Clegg's illicit deeds
>From a local trader - Now a corpse who no longer speaks
If you cross his path - He'll slice off both your ears
Have your tongue cut out, and reduce your life to tears
Perish all of you - Who betray me
Your ghostly leader - Captain Clegg
A few words from Collier....


Captain Clegg / Cathedral

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