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Permanently Disfigured

Just get the fuck down

In cold earth you rot

My fucking hatred

Will not be stopped

Uncontrolled I'm sent into rage

And let the bodies fly

An animal let out of its cage

I am the anti-life

Born under the bowels of the night

A creature undefined

Stomping on the face of a slut

My hate is undenied

Fuck your weakness

No concept of the earth

Your one dimension blinds

Wasting air since birth

You're better left behind

Intelligence deprived

Completely purposeless

I fucking hope you die

I want out of this cark, fucked, decrepit,

Corner of the world

Is there a place, where I can be alone

To think, and do, just what I fucking want

Tell me, tell me, what the fuck to do

the hate, burning, fucking overwhelms

I want, I need, to take a fucking life

Back, the fuck, away

I'm fucking gonna kill, kill, kill

Seconds are like hours floating by

A full fucked ultraviolent high

Tearing down the mother fucking walls

Piece By piece I'll rip your limbs off

Invariably the violence will arrive

Fuck you and fuck your fucking kind

Merciless, weed out the sick

Begging hard, I don't listen

Final scream, can't come too quick

Fuck you all so fucking hopeless

Quickly I proceed to resist

There is no compromise

Deranged I rise to challenge

The joining of your face with my fist

The marriage I prescribe

Helpless you fall so weakened

Ripping at the skin on your face

The pain intensifies

With haste your death is granted

Permanently Disfigured /

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