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Birth Machine 2000

Evilution -
Minds on the production line
Imagination drenched
- within conformist slime
Plastic education -
Microwavable brains
Cooking on the stage of heaven's pantomime

Warmongers getting high
On genocide cocaine
Grossmetic beaty
Silicone truth can't hide
Radio-active ocean
Celluloid map of skies
The universal cyclist no longer rides

It's a rat race - machine breeding
No hesitation in joining

Dance into the circle
Conveyer belt of the world
Birth machine 2000
Mechanics fix you today

The rats are hungry
Eating at the sands of time
Hourglass explodes
In front of marble eyes
Eternal countdown
Circular in sound
returnity has died - infinity arrives

.......birth machine 2000........

As centuries pass - back into the circular void


Birth Machine 2000 / Cathedral

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