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Stained Glass Horizon

Stained glass horizon
Trapped in tombs of day
No energy to run - nowhere to escape
Fortune left behind you
Blank dice is your gain
Opium moon is rising
The summer it never came

Your spirit reigns
In the curch of hell's domain
Love's stained glass world
You can't see through

Black dove is a flying
From the reaper's hand
You'd chase the white if you weren't blind
A banquet for the living
Skeleton at their feast
Sins a bad man's lover
Whose soul's lost in a pentagram

Your heart's in chains
Vulture of your own remains
Love's stained glass world
You can't see through

If Jesus walked beside you
You'd take lucifer's hand
Evil feels good when it's never found
Hiding from the sunshine
Lost man in the shade
Fight for the force that guides you


Stained Glass Horizon / Cathedral

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