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Fangalactic Supergoria

With fangs of lust we hail the night
From tombs arise in mortal fright
Freeding from skies of morphia
Fangalctic supergoria

Slaves of virtue rotting in the sun
Souls for mutilation is sacrifical mass
Pleading for heavens on their bleeding knees
We dream of nothing but this black euphoria

As through skies icy veins we glide
Blades of lightning cleave your mind
Exploding stars, trembling earth
Fangalactic supergoria

Sin - doctrination in the church of flies
Menatal exinction kingdom of demise
Monarchy of corpses state of suicide
Grants you nothing but this black euphoria!

Energy forces from the grave
Soul invaders of mystique
As cadaver we roam the planes
Abandoning chains of flesh

Uncoil the serpent
In duality you are one
Between life and death
Find the threshold you are born

Fall to black master
Awake youself from life
Back through centuries you die
Ahead of time

Slaves of virtue rotting in the sun
Souls for mutilation in sacrifical mass
Monarchy of corpses, state of suicide


Fangalactic Supergoria / Cathedral

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