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Rowntree's Ad Lib into LSD.
Aah! Ooh!
Daylight crawling under your doorway,
a faint sliddering,
a forblooming,
a vision of nightmare,
shadows motioning,
let holler vengeance so aidless [aimless]
arrivings count ordained,
reflection frozen,
he smiles so darkless,
a brother discontained.

It's creeping closer,
it's here again!


[Write/rape] your [will/well] upon,
[I was fallen/all fours/all foller], yeah yeah,
[Walk me from this hall/Wake me from this horror]
to race you down the halls,
bleeding angels bleeding of heaven,
Wake in blood and see,
the tale [is/has] come to [come/crawl/call].
[Rotting shoulders (probably not)] loves a man holding,
a hunger for the play,
a real purple anguish at morning,
watching in the shade.
Eyes sunken, [real] lips mulching,
hunger trickeling,
into the gazeless yelly master,
wobbeling, jiggering.

Repeat Chorus

Spewling soft in [our/all]most sleep,
touching just to crave for me,
[seen/sereen] rotting in the face of day,
in [a pound of] flesh,
[it ends great],
I got his slab awake again!
Oh from the sky all my stars have fell,
and on my heart and soul it fell,
they rest in anguish, sorrow and woe,


Phantasmagoria / Cathedral

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