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Ashes You Leave

Weep for autumn skies shrouded in misty air.
Weep for thy solemn dearth,
and for thy chill despair.

Ashes you leave:
as you ascend from me.
Your face, the furnace of my soul,
the endless lies that we told,
clear blue waters in which we bathe,
the yesterdays we failed to save.
Still I see,
and we cannot be.
Ashes you leave,
as you ascend from me.

The leaves that fell unto our graves,
with the love that we've made,
the [tree(sounds like tree, but 'tears' is more likely)] that filled my eyes,
tomorrow's yesterdays is stone engaved.

Still I see,
we cannot be.

Repeat Chorus
The black living life,
living into fears of pain,
Around my shelter,
I try to fill up,
clouds that touch the ground.

It was alive,
stone in those eyes,
I'm tasting that [why/way] too much,
and now [we sit/the sin] whose side I live,
hold her in the [b(lack].


Ashes You Leave / Cathedral

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