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Jaded Entity

Here, gibbering alone...
ooh the earth and the the heavens,
they so tire me,
tomorrow's dreams encased in a velvet sanctuary.
The crumbled throne of worldly gain,
is glory forgotten,
and now just nothing remains.
We've come too far,
we are so close,
one soul,
one forever weeping.

As the vain morning dawns all life fades away,
you can take me now,
beyond the violet veil,
and whatever flames the night in this deeds I've done.
In fate's control,
at last my time has come.
Repeat Chorus
Death is death,
the little host that squirms,
smell the dark - the coffin's closed,
and I so soft - ooh so soft,
no movement and no breath,
no ears, no nose - no eyes.

Death is death,
in life's sepulchre -
no sight, no sound, no cry,


Jaded Entity / Cathedral

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