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Grim Luxuria

Cold sin and fire,
burning wrath and anger,
this crippled splendour of lust so dire yeah!
Insane visions of beauty,
groanings so empty,
wriggling in agony,
thefrail corpse of love that is me.
Hair and eyes limbs and faces,
bending hard in fierce embraces.
Ooh this loveless rage,
come give me pain - arcane exotica,
ooh grim luxuria.

Twisted lust on fire,
love the bastard liar.

Sick grins of pleasure,
warped torsos in heaven
bending tongues - saliva,
licking lifeforms of grotesque.
On the floor bones cracking,
like evil dogs mauling,
grunting in this ecstacy,
- shaking, screaming, clawing me!


Grim Luxuria / Cathedral

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