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A Brand New Me

This is my same old coat

And my same old shoes

I was the same old me

With the same old blues

And then you touched my life

Just by holding my hand

And oh I look in the mirror and see

A brand new girl, a brand new voice

And a brand new smile

Boy since I found you

I've got a brand new style

Just because of you boy

Just because of you

I've got the same old friends

They got the same old

I tell the same old jokes

Get the same old grins

Now the joke's on you

It happened somehow with you

Every day of my life is as fresh as morning dew

And you know I love you boy

I go to the same old places

To see the same old faces

Look at the same old skies

See them all with brand new lives

You get all the credit baby

Cause I love you baby

Дасти Спрингфилд

A Brand New Me / Дасти Спрингфилд

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