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Serpent Eve

(7:37)(Music: Jennings/Lehan. Lyrics: Griff)
The serpent she writhes in knowledge for rebellion and heresy, the serpent she thrives on knowledge for beauty and ecstasy, the night contains me, exults me, promises me the tender touch of the serpent dreams. O' to dark foundation grey deliverance, mesmerized by descent shrouded in calm. Fabled curses plunge to depths untold I conjure bind and charge thee to heavens unknown (entombed). O' yea serpent eve. Gather to the lords of facade, beneath the cross of false, crawl to the figure speared wither within it's name. Raise the current clear the stream, herald the sound of the serpent dreams. Into the night for the serpent eve psalms for the spirit, charms for the calling. We're neophytes for serpent eve.


Serpent Eve / Cathedral

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