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Too Late Marlene

Waking out of nowhere

And I let you in

Til my imagination went for a spin

I seen you every night

Been making out since then

And still I wonder why everybody's saying

That ice is thin.

And I think I know you

Just a little bit by nowA

And I think I can show you

You see baby, I don't want to fight about it

Send down your rain

Then who's to blame

And you'll understand

because its' much too late to change

Awaken to this hunger

And then watch my heat

Grow paler than the moonlight

That you made me eat

And if we run our lives

Along a one way street

We'll always wonder why everytime

It still tastes just as sweet

Send down your rain

Then who's to blame

You'll understand

Because it's much too late to change

I will explain

We're to much the same

No I won't leave

Because it's just too late Marlene

Duran Duran

Too Late Marlene / Duran Duran

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