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Seven And The Ragged Tiger

You told me once a second chance, it's not worth waiting for

A million chances later, you don't know how right you were

Don't mean you don't dream, Cause the beating on the door

The Russian high who needs to die begins to realize

That all those days in mischief has your soul in paradise

I don't know but I find whats foolish and unwise

And I've seen all reason hit the floor

I don't need no reservation, but I can do things I've never done before

Playing with the fire ball, you can't touch but you can soar

with Seven & the Ragged Tiger, Seven & the Ragged Tiger

Like the morning, wild morning, fires are alive

Don't have the choice the danger boys are hoping for a fight

It seems I can't bleed, I don't dance anymore

All armed with superstition, Til the birds have flocked our way

Somebody ought to tell them we don't care what people say

not afraid, don't believe in those stories anymore

They just hang their victims to the wall

Mother used to tell me something, she dreamed their vision is something within their law

Brother can you feel the heart inside

You're runnin for your life, don't want it

Seven & the Ragged Tiger (X6)

All happy like a renegade with everything to gain

just a smell of independence he defends his life again

Don't mean, I don't dream, I don't need it anymore

cause I've heard those reasons die before

Mother used to tell me something, she dreamed their visions

were something within their law

But brother can you feel heart inside

You're runnin for your life, you better

Seven & the Ragged Tiger (X9

Duran Duran

Seven And The Ragged Tiger / Duran Duran

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